Date: 10th May 2017 at 9:14am
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Argyle’s achievement in gaining promotion to League One closes a turbulent chapter in the history of the club.

Our six year stay in League Two was eventful; we saw the two extremes of following a football club – administration and promotion.
In six years we’ve gone from worrying about finding an actual football kit to play in to finding banners to decorate the open top buses for a promotion parade!
There’s never a dull moment supporting Argyle!

Derek Adams and his players deserve huge respect and praise for finally getting Argyle out of League Two; this season will live long in the memory.
The fans and club staff who suffered through the administration era this season is extra special.

To the outside world looking in during those dark days of 2011 we were just another football club that had financial problems but to Argyle fans who lived and breathed the turmoil of administration we knew that PAFC came very close to liquidation. For 10 months fighting to save Argyle was a way of life for many people with Green hearts.
Even the Football League authorities admitted that we were the closest a football club had come in recent times to closing down because Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs wanted to make an example of us.

The promotion this season isn’t just about Derek Adams and the players, it’s also about Peter Reid, Carl Fletcher and John Sheridan. It’s also about the players and staff who kept PAFC alive during 2011 while receiving no wage, it’s about the fans who battled and held candle lit vigils to keep Argyle alive. It’s about James Brent and Plymouth City Council who rode to our rescue just when we needed them.

We’ll also never forget our friends the Brighton fans who arranged a Fans Reunited Day when supporters from 50 different football clubs flocked to Home Park to watch our game against Macclesfield and to show their support for us.

Everyone over the last six years has played a part in this season’s promotion.