Date: 31st January 2016 at 10:58am
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That was a game of football but not as we know it!

Wycombe’s 1-0 win against Argyle at Home Park on Saturday showed just what is wrong with a ‘win at all costs’ style of football in the modern game.

Led by their manager Gareth Ainsworth Wycombe employ a certain brand of football that will not win them many friends in the football world and the crucial mistake made by the Greens was gifting them an early goal. From that moment the game was killed and died as a spectacle, time wasting, feigning injury and conning the ref was all part of the Wycombe game plan.

The obvious tactic to everyone in the stadium was to disrupt Argyle and slow down any momentum. The two Wycombe full-backs never crossed the halfway line in open play, only venturing forward to take a throw-in which of course took several minutes to complete.
Seemingly healthy six-foot tall players fell to the ground to with ease, apparently shot by some random sniper in the stands, on walked the Wycombe physio who spent more time on the pitch than some substituted players!
The problem with feigning injury is that when a real injury happens, like it did with Lynch the Wycombe keeper, is that fans don’t believe the injury is legitimate. You can only cry wolf so many times.

Free-kicks would be taken in the wrong position which the ref then orders it to be taken from the correct place, goal kicks would take an age to be completed, Argyle players would be shoved and pushed around – all done to waste time and stop any flow to the game.

Chants of ‘you’re embarrassing’ and ‘time watsting cheats’ rang out from the stands.

In a match like this you need a strong set of officials and we didn`t get that at Home Park yesterday. Phil Gibbs let Wycombe get away with their antics and one linesman in particular failed to spot any infringement on an Argyle player and a blatant corner.
Gibbs did speak to Wycombe captain Paul Hayes midway through the first half and he signalled it was because of time wasting but didn`t follow up this warning with yellow cards or more warnings.

I can understand Ainsworth attempting to get the most out of his players but surely there is a better way to play football and win because ironically he does have some talented players at his disposal. I wonder what the players think of the caveman tactics he uses?

We then come to the fans, are they happy with the way their team plays? Wycombe are a Fans’ Trust run club, in effect the owners of the club, so we must assume they are happy with this of prehistoric style of football for away games.

Wycombe’s disruptive tactics started before the game began and at half time.
The Wycombe players would have surely noticed the problem with the sprinkler during their pre-match warm up on the pitch but chose to tell the ref just before kick-off. Three minutes later they scored.
Perhaps this was in retaliation for the game at Adams Park when Argyle manager Derek Adams complained about the GPS system the players were wearing.
After a delayed start Reid scored after four minutes.

Also at half-time on Saturday the Wycombe subs warmed up in the home end of the pitch, the Devonport End.
Poor football etiquette and all part of the disruptive tactics Wycombe use.

After the game Ainsworth told the press he has smallest squad in League Two and must get the best out of them.
That isn’t true because the Argyle squad is smaller and Wycombe have also used more players in League Two than six other teams including Argyle. You can hoodwink us on the pitch but not in print!

The sad thing is that to stop Ainsworth’s style of ‘football’ a team needs to score first and keep the lead, Argyle failed to do that and with that the game was finished as a spectacle.

To cap it all Ainsworth refused to shake the hand of Adams after the game, once again poor football etiquette and no class at all.

League Two opposition teams should be warned of what to expect when Wycombe are in town although I would guess the football world know exactly what Ainsworth and his team are about by now.