Date: 30th August 2009 at 7:54am
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Plymouth Argyle still remain winless, after an improved performance against Sheffield Wednesday theatrical society.

Argyle played good football in spells, but their inability to create chances from possession led to their downfall. A combination of Wednesday employing tactics such as feigning injury, wasting time, gaining yards and diving did not help Argyle’s cause, along with a inconsistent performance from match referee, Haines.

Sturrock replaced debutant, Darcy Blake, for the injured McNammee and Gow and Sheridan started up front, in a 4-4-2 formation. Arnason, who looked a decent player in spells, but is clearly not a centre back, played centre back alongside Marcel Seip. Seip again struggled at Home Park, and Tudgay was quite dominant against the Argyle centre back pairing.

The crowd numbers visibly looked lower than the ladst home game against Cardiff. The Devonport End was pretty sparse and it appears that the Argyle faithful contain mainly season ticket holders and masachists.

The match began with Mackie looking very lively on the left. He made a couple of runs, one winning a corner and one winning a 35 yard free kick. But Wednesday had the ball in the net in their first attack. Jermain Johnson, who drifted in and out of the game, made a storming run down the Wednesday left and played a good low cross into the Argyle box. Varney finished from 2 yards, but was flagged for being offside.

Argyle should have taken the lead a minute later. Argyle played some good football leading to a corner on the right. Patterson’s inswinger was met by the head of Sheridan, who headed over, when he should have got the ball on target.

The game settled until Michael Gray picked up an injury on 9 minutes. McAllister replaced him.

On 14 minutes, Mackie attacked the Wednesday defence, after a good pass from Arnason. Mackie miscontrolled the ball, which found its way to Fletcher on the right wing. He rolled the ball to Mackie, in the 18 yard box, who tried to dribble through the defence, but was tackled and the ball was cleared.

Argyle had another attack, from a cruching Arnason tackle in defence. Mackie broke down the right and raced into the box. He was challenged by a Wednesday defender and took a tumble. Argyle fans and players appealed for a penalty, but the referee gave nothing- with his actions in the second half this was another of the inconsistencies which troubled Argyle.

Argyle had been the better of the 2 teams, but it was clear that Wednesday were starting to make inrodes into the game.

On 23 minutes, Spurr took a long throw from the right, which was cleared by Argyle. From the edge of the box James O’Connor hit a great volley, which appeared goal bound. Fortunately the ball struck a Wednesday forward and went wide.

On 31 minutes, Johnson went on another powerful dribble on the left. He crossed and Argyle cleared from a corner on the Wednesday left. The corner was headed behind for a consecutive corner. The next corner was hit deep to the far post, Tudgay did superbly to head the ball back across goal, and Wood powerfully headed into the roof of the net from 6 yards.

The goal hit Argyle’s confidence and the team struggled to create anything leading up to half time. On 43 minutes, Varney attacked down the right and beat Arnason who slipped. In a move reminiscent of Cardiff’s first goal, Varney crossed low from the byline. Tudgay met the ball, 12 yards from goal, but his curling shot easily cleared the bar. Half time soon arrived and despite Argyle’s early pressure, Wednesday goalkeeper, Grant, hadn’t made a save.

Argyle kicked off the second half in a positive manner. Straight from the kick off, Judge attacked the Wednesday goal, but was hauled down by Varney, who received a yellow card. Patterson, who had been poor for much of the game, took another weak set piece from 25 yards.

On 52 minutes, Johnson countered, after an Argyle attack and broke down the left. Arnason challenged the winger and clearly won the ball, but the ref decided it was a foul and booked the Icelandic player.

On 55 minutes, Argyle came close to equalising. Mackie attacked and played the ball to Gow in the 18 yard box. He laid the ball back to Fletcher who hit a low drive towards goal. Unfortunately for Argyle, the ball struck the post. Wednesday cleared the ball to Johnson who attacked the Argyle goal and laid the ball to Varney in the 18 yard box. Larrieu raced off his line and made a superb low interception, which sent Varney tumbling. There was minimal contact but Varney acted like he’d been shot (in an attempt to win a penalty). After a few minutes of treatment, Varney jogged off the pitch with no sign of ‘injury’. His theatrics didn’t work this time, but cheats like Varney will always try to deceive the match officials.

On 57 minutes, Wednesday’s dirty tactics continued. Larrieu caught the ball from a Wednesday corner and tried to release the ball quickly. As he attempted to throw, Wednesday defender, Wood, tripped the French keeper and received a booking- it could have been harsher as this was another display of blatant cheating.

On 62 minutes Jpohnson received a yellow card, a few moments later, Sheridan was hauled down by Purse, in what looked a yellow card offence, but the ref just spoke to the Wednesday defender. From the 25 yard free kick, Gow curled just wide with his left foot.

The spell of Wednesday’s ungentlemanly play seemed to bolster Argyle and the crowd. On 63 minutes Patterson attacked well in the centre and laid the ball to Sheridan on the left. The on-loan Celtic striker shot wide, when he had more time to conjure a shot on goal. Minutes later and Blake provided a good cross, from the right, but the ball was missed by both Gow and Sheridan, and Wednesday scrambled the ball for a corner. After another poor Patterson corner, Argyle regained possession and Sawyer crossed from the left. Mackie met the ball with his head, but Wednesday were able to deflect the ball clear for a throw.

On 69 minutes Wednesday attacked from danger man, Jermaine Johnson, and he put pressure on the Argyle centre backs, resulting in Seip fouling the winger 30 yards from goal. Seip received a yellow. Potter’s 30 yard free kick went over.

On 72 minutes, Wednesday doubled their lead, as the diving Varney won a penalty. Seip challenged the striker in the box, and he went down like he’d been hit by a tank, and the ref gave a penalty (the challenge was very similar to that on Mackie in the first which the ref deemed not a foul). Tudgay took the spot kick, which Larrieu managed to get a hand to, but the power took the ball into the net. A section of the Lyndhurst started chanting ‘Sturrock Out’. The Argyle manager looked immotive and just stood in his usual catalogue pose and didn’t look to make any changes.

On 78 minutes Sheridan broke into the Wednesday box, from the right, and was clearly having his shirt tugged back. Unlike Varney, the Argyle striker stayed on his feet, and lost control in the box. Wednesday cleared but Argyle attacked down the right and Spurr handled on the edge of the box. Gow stepped up and hit a magnificant 25 yard, left footed freekick, into the roof of the net. It was a brief lifeline for Argyle.

On 81 minutes Wednesday attacked, and Argyle won the ball. Again as Argyle tried to break quickly through Blake, Johnson performed a deliberate foul on the Welsh full-back, which deserved a second yellow. The ref bottled the decision and just spoke to the winger. Moments later Johnson was substituted for Miller. As Johnson took so long to dawdle off the pitch, when Fitz announced the substitution he said ‘Johnson coming off for Miller- Eventually’.

On 82 minutes Spurr fouled Gow with a nasty tackle on the right, but was unpunished. The freekick was curled in by Gow and the ball was scrambled in the 6 yard box. The ball was met by Sawyer, from 6 yards, and his header went wide, when he should have scored.

Argyle counter attacked well on 85 minutes through Gow and Sheridan in a flowing move. Mackie received the ball in the 18 yard box and cut past a tackle, he then blazed the ball over the bar. Wednesday substituted Varney for Sodje. Shortly after Patterson received a yellow for an innoculous challenge in the middle- Johnson and Spurrs fouls minutes later were far worse but weren’t deemed yellows?

The board was displayed showing 5 minutes injury time, at which point Argyle stopped attacking. Wednesday kept possession well and on 92 minutes attacked down their left. A good ball from Buxton was met by Potter near the Argyle 18 yard box and his first time lay off set Tudgay free in the box. Tudgay finished superbly for Wednesday’s third and more chants of ‘Sturrock out’. The match finished minutes later.

Argyle didn’t deserve to lose by a 2 goal margin, but Wednesday countered well in the second half. Argyle need to start creating chances from the spells of possession, but also take their chnaces when presented. Wednesday tookn theirs with clinical efficiency, but Argyle had misses from Sheridan, Sawyer and Mackie which should have at least registered on goal, if not better.

Arnason and Seip struggled against Johnson and Tudgay, often being caught out of position. Patterson was generally poor and Argyle’s set pieces were once again sub-standard.

The football played was encouraging, with some good flowing moves, but all too often the final ball or shot was misjudged. Mackie had a very lively game and threatened, but too often there was no end product. Johnson played in a similar role for Wednesday and provided some dangerous crosses and passes showing the Argyle striker how to play on the wing!

With news of Davey’s sacking at Barnsley, the pressure is on Paul Sturrock and the Argyle board.


19 Replies to “Cheating Wednesday Beat Argyle”

  • No, can’t say we lost because of cheating.

    We lost because we can neither defend, nor attack.

    If this result had been a one-off, maybe I could agree, but last 50 games have been the same.

  • I think it is ludicrous to suggest that Wednesday won by cheating. They were certainly a bunch of Northern Softies who went down very easily but that didn’t influence the result sufficiently for a two goal difference between the sides.

  • Jesus!!! I always held Plymouth Argyle fans with high regard, and a club with a manager I have a lot of respect for. Not sure you represent all Argyle fans with your views, but you come accross as one hell of a poor loser. Accept it, you were beaten by a clear 2 goals by a better team. And with regards to the other statement “Northern Softies” … coming from a town full of sailor boys… does it get lonley at sea guys? *wink* *wink*

  • Talk about sore losers??
    Mike Hughes needs looking at, if that was his perception! True, it wasn’t the cleanest or tidiest of games, but both sides gave out their fair share and there was more than one penalty claim that should have been given to the Owls. We have a lot of respect for Sturrock, for obvious reasons, but the players you have are obviously not capable, so you lost to a better team…. get over it!

  • that has got to b the most shocking,biased football report i have ever read.god i have heard some excuses about losing football matched but yours r terrible mate.u r on a bad run mate sort your own team out first b 4 blaming the opposition

  • Proud of that article are you Mike ? I bloody hope not ! You should be ashamed to call yourself a fan. Wrote in very poor taste by a sad and bitter loser.

  • most teams must cheat against you then ,week in week out ya getting beat,were all just a league full of cheaters,in mike s eyes,that ischange ya fruit bowl son cause them grapes sour

  • Wednesday won the game as they could finish and we couldn’t. The cheating didn’t win the game but did have an impact. You may think its sour grapes, but if you take the time to look at my last match report, Cardiff beat us fair and square and I didn’t need to mention cheating or the ref- they played within the spirit of the game. Look at Varney- when he went down “injured” after Larrieu challenged him, he jogged off- the ref then made him wait 2 minutes before coming on- bit odd that when injured players usually come back into play after 10-20 seconds. I thought Johnson should have received a second yellow, as he deliberately blocked our right back stopping an attack. A deliberate foul should be at least a yellow- Laws subbed him immediately after the incident. When our keeper tried to release the ball quickly after catching a corner, he was kicked/ tripped from behind by Wood- again deliberate and nasty. I know Argyle are poorly managed, and we’re used to losing- cheat might be too strong a word for Wednesday’s tactics but they certainly weren’t within the spirit of the game.

  • Beaten by a well organised team who work hard and do not make school boy errors at the back, We have to take it on the chin fellas we aint good enough at the moment we have the players but not the right tactics he has got to go, as for Wednesday cheating what a load of tosh.

  • unbelievable! Firstly let me say that I agree that JJ was lucky to get away with a stupid foul (I feared the worst) and that Woody was also silly – but you see players doing that in every match (delaying the taking of a free kick) – doesn’t make it right though. I actually thought that Larrieu made a meal of it (cheated??!!). The Varney incident I take issue with. Hardly anybody appealed for a penalty. The keeper took the ball and Varney – making a fair challenge for a ball that he had a chance of reaching – fell over him. You could see that he was in pain, he had twisted his back landing awkwardly. Those injuries always hurt like hell at first but usually (hopefully) the pain subsides quickly. Unfortunately with Gray it didn’t and he had to go off with less than 15 minutes played. I hope Argyle turn it around but at the moment you are second best in most matches – if you were playing well all those fans would not be voting with their feet and staying away (I know there is a recession and many cannot afford it – but I know a lot who would go if the football was any good and there was anything to cheer about). And yes, I do know a lot – I have lived in Plymouth for over 25 years but will always be an Owl. I will quite happily cheer for Argyle in 44 league matches a season.

  • I have a couple of questions for Mike Hughes:-
    1. Why do you insist on complaining that you lost because of Wednesday’s “cheating” when even the rest of your own supporters disagree with you?
    2. Why do you think you’re the only ones who were so hard done by, when in the opinion of even neutral spectators, there was actually more cause for Wednesday to feel “hard done by” with a lot of the refereeing decisions?
    3. Why do you gloss over and trivialize every sending-off and bookable offence that Plymouth players committed (and largely got away with), yet you emphasize every little infraction that Wednesday players committed, even fantasizing about some of them?
    Yes, Plymouth were unlucky on Saturday in some ways, but you were soundly beaten by a better team and you need to get over it. Calling us cheaters is so far out of line you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Hahahahaha I find that article hilarious! How old are you? You were beaten by a better side, simple as that mate. Grow up. Oh and well said lyndhurst loyal.

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