Date: 14th July 2015 at 10:13pm
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Argyle played their first pre-season game of the summer against local side Elburton Villa.

Elburton Villa 2 – 4 Plymouth Argyle.

Elburton goals – Hulme 25, Mann 89.
Argyle goals – Nelson 7, Brunt 28 pen), 57, Jervis 58.

Despite the wet and murky conditions it was a good evening against Elbuton and good to see the new manager and players.

We should remember the standard of opposition when assessing the players, also a raft of second half substitutions gave the game a disjointed feel but that’s expected in pre-season games.

We played a sort of 4-1-3-2 formation with Carl McHugh sitting deep and Gregg Wylde, Graham Carey and Josh Simpson in front of him.
Wylde got wide at every opportunity on the left while Simpson stayed very narrow on the right side, this gave the team a lop-sided look.

Carey is our playmaker, he was always looking to get on the ball and get the team moving, he also took every set-piece and looks a very good signing.

Wylde was our main threat, he looks and plays like Arjen Robben, hit the ball past the full back and run, get to the byline and cross. Simple. He will be a crowd pleaser.

McHugh did ok as a deep midfielder, whether this was to give him game time or a tactic for the season ahead, who knows but it worked.

Of the five new players Simpson was the least effective, maybe he will have more of an influence as he gets through the games in pre-season.

Up front Ryan Brunt and Jake Jervis (not Jarvis Mr Announcer) did well. Jervis offers pace and height and either came short to collect the ball or played on the shoulder of the last defender to run on to any through ball.

At the back Gary Sawyer does what he does, steady and no surprises. Kelvin Mellor gave the team some width on the right side, Peter Hartley Hartley is still the leader and Curtis Nelson was Curtis Nelson.
James Bittner made a mistake for one goal and I didn’t feel comfortable with him in goal.

The second half of the second half saw a lot of substitutions and once again it’s difficult to judge but of the subs Tyler Harvey was the pick.

The downside was that there’s a gaping hole on the right side of the team, we need a right-winger. Simpson played on the right but narrow and rarely offered any threat. A loan signing MUST fill this gap.
Also, from this evidence if Wylde and Carey are missing our attacking threat would suffer a lot.

Elburton gave us a good game and had their best spell just after half time. They were robust at times but that’s expected. They made a bit of money and new friends, the ground is also the home for the Argyle Ladies team.

A shame about the idiot who let off a flare behind Bittner’s goal.

Overall a good night. It’s difficult to pin point our style of football, it was fast, short and long passes and apart from Wylde every player looked to move the ball quickly to another player.