Date: 25th May 2017 at 9:11am
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Argyle manager Derek Adams is expected to sign a number of new players during the summer break.

Last summer Adams brought in 13 new players and added more during the January transfer window. All the players were new to the city of Plymouth and arrived from far and wide including Latvia, Cameroon, Scotland and Czech Republic.

It can be daunting for a player to arrive at a new club because he has to acclimatise to different surroundings in a new city and also understand the local people.

A new player will need to know Argyleisms and understand Janners when moving to Home Park, so here’s a quick guide:

Argyleisms must be spoken in the native Janner tongue, warning – do not attempt the following with an accent north of Plymouth.

Plymouth Argyle – Plimuff Argo. The Plymothian will describe his football team as Plimuff Argo or more commonly just Argo.

The Devonport End of Home Park stadium changes to the Demport End when spoken by a typical Janner: ‘Are ya sitting in the Demport Saturday, are ya’? Note that the question is repeated at the start and end of the sentence, a common Janner trait.

Home Park – Ome Park, is another Argyleism where the ‘h’ is dropped, similarly with local newspaper The Herald which transforms into The Erold when spoken by Janner tongue.
Similarly the training ground is re-christened Arpers Park.
If a new player has a name with the letter H as an initial this will be dropped by the Janner, just ask former player Conor Ouriane!

When mentioning the Lyndhurst Stand the Argyle fan will drop a few letters when chatting to his mates, for instance: ‘meet you in the Lynhurs’, this can also be referred to as the ‘Lyndy’.

The Green Janner will add an ‘s’ to the end of an Argyle-related word for no apparent reason, for example the Mayflower grandstand area of Ome Park becomes Mayflowers, such as ‘I’m going in Mayflowers’.
The mysterious and extra ‘s’ on the end of words is common in Plimuff, local shopping destinations always get the ‘s’ treatment – Tesco becomes Tescoes, Asda is changed to Asders and fashion icon Matalan is known as Matlans.

Ome Park is situated in the Peverell area of Plimuff or more commonly known as Pevro to the locals.

Adams’ new signings might venture further into Plimuff and take in the sights on the Hoe (just plain O in Janner speak) or enjoy a meal on the barbican, labelled the barby by the locals.

Any new signing should be strongly advised not to use their car in Plymuff, the city is under a year long misery of roadworks, although it seems longer . Roads will be randomly closed on a daily basis so if any new player uses a car be prepared to be late for training or kick-off!
Also, if a player does use his car, be aware of the many traffic lights, Plimuff lights up like a Christmas tree all year, you’ll find you won’t actually drive but shuffle from one set of traffic lights to the next.

A new signing might meet a Janner in his natural surroundings and he says: ‘reet meeht’, do not be alarmed because this is a greeting similar to ‘hello my friend’.

A new Pilgrim will come across many Argyleisms during the course of his Argyle career but if in doubt just ask the original Janner and Argyle legend Paul Wotton!