Date: 14th October 2016 at 8:41am
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The 100th Dockyard Derby between Argyle and Portsmouth on Saturday has a hint of bitterness surrounding it.

The feeling drifting down from Portsmouth in the build up to the game is one of revenge and animosity.
The Argyle camp have played the media circus leading up to the game with a straight bat; manager Derek Adams and his players haven`t been drawn into the rancour and ill feeling.

The Portsmouth press and fans have been stoking the fires over the last few days with The News publishing a sound bite from Pompey playmaker Gary Roberts where he said ‘They don’t like us and we don’t like them’.
Roberts has previously made some unsavoury comments about Argyle on his Twitter account, calling the Argyle team ‘cloggers’ and throwing insults at the Argyle players and Adams so we are familiar with his lack of pre and post-match etiquette.

We must assume the bitterness stems from the semi-final play-off defeat at the end of last season when a last minute header from Peter Hartley sent the Greens to Wembley. There was a pitch invasion by Argyle fans at the end of the match and judging by the comments made by Portsmouth club ambassador Alan Knight earlier this week the invasion didn’t go down very well with the Pompey players.

There were also comments coming from the blue side that the Argyle players were very physical during the two play-off games, claiming some challenges were over the top and yet the Argyle team only picked up five yellow cards during those two games, just two more than Portsmouth.

However, there is no antagonism or bad feeling coming from Argyle and the Green Army, we are all just excitedly looking forward to the game at Home Park on Saturday and besides, the new look Pilgrims will only have three players who were involved in the second play-off game last season so the quote from Roberts is wide of the mark.

Let’s hope for a cracking game!