Date: 2nd February 2006 at 12:05pm
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The transfer window has been and gone and yet still Plymouth Argyle soldier on with just two strikers.

So the transfer window has now closed and what of Plymouth Argyle?s activity during that window?
Well the only player to sign for the club was midfielder Lillian Nalis on a 6 month contract from Sheffield United.
The 34 year old Frenchman was a welcome addition to the engine room of the team. Defender Elliott Ward did extend his loan contract for a further month.
But what about a striker or two, I hear you ask? The answer to that is no, not one striker signed for Plymouth, either bought, borrowed or stolen. How can a professional Championship football club operate with just two strikers? Is it professional to do just that?
Manager Tony Pulis and his backroom staff were busy during January, chasing and scouting players, and Plymouth were linked to just about every striker at all 92 league clubs, ok that?s an exaggeration but you get the point, but not one striker took the bait and pitched up at Home Park.
For his part Pulis insisted that he wants quality rather than quantity and is prepared to wait for his targets to become available.
Fans do not need reminding that previous manager Bobby Williamson had trouble enticing strikers to come to Plymouth and famously quoted that he had looked at 30 strikers, but ended up with a kid from Blackburn?s reserve team.
But do not worry, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon. The big wigs at the Football League have found a rule that gets around the FIFA enforced transfer window, meaning clubs can loan players from February 7th to March 23rd. Clever stuff.
So Pulis can still get those fabled, mythical strikers, to sign for Plymouth and ease the fears and anxiety of the Home Park faithful. He had better, because the only two strikers on the Argyle books, Mickey Evans and Nick Chadwick, looked more tired as each game passes. They shoot horses, don?t they?

As expected and after waiting in the departure lounge for an age, Bjarni Gudjonsson and Nuno Mendes finally had their contracts paid up and left