Date: 20th March 2016 at 8:58pm
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Punching above our weight. A simple cliché, coined by Derek Adams a number of times this season, but, sadly, probably correct.

Earlier in the season, the engine of Plymouth Argyle was purring rather nicely, with Carey, Reid and Jervis in particular firing on all cylinders. Boateng added a further dimension and everything was rosy. At last, the Greens could be going up.

Then Brunt, Threlkeld and Tanner got into top gear, our defence was sound and we looked really strong.
But injuries took their toll and Hiram never came back. We lost our way and the key players, mentioned above, are a shadow of what they were, as epitomised by the performance against Luton. Add to that the fall off in performance of McCormick then you do have a problem.

Home Park on Saturday was a pretty miserable place to be; no atmosphere, frustration all round and the inevitable result. The two latest acquisitions, Matt and Houghton, looked very average and you just knew we were going to lose. Those people whose glasses are half full and still think we’re going up are to be congratulated but I can’t help thinking they have as much credibility as Ian Duncan Smith who, on resigning from the government, says he now feels sorry for those disabled people losing benefits.

I don’t know what it is about some football supporters but they do seem to live in a far off make believe land, somewhere between the Forest of Fangorn and Lothlorien. How can any sane person boo when an opposition player is being carried off on a stretcher? I totally agree with the Luton manager that this is a poor representation of Argyle fans. We know you’re frustrated but that’s pathetic.

And I’m sorry to rant on about this again but what is it about people leaving the ground fifteen, yes fifteen minutes before the end? Are they so rich that they can just wave goodbye to most of the cost of the ticket? No, they probably have some fantastic date with a super model lined up. If so why are they even going to football?! Basically, it says I don’t give a damn what happens.

I accept that there’s a strong hint of frustration coming through in this article but I thought, like many of you did, that PAFC was finally in sight of the promised land and it’s been dashed on the rocks of mediocrity. Sorry!