Date: 7th April 2017 at 8:31am
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Back during the days of Championship football, World Cup bids and plans for a modern stadium new Argyle related companies were formed almost on a weekly basis.

It seemed everyone wanted a slice of the Green pie; knights of the realm, local businessmen, Japanese businessmen, American businessmen, Cornish businessmen, hedge fund managers and a mysterious off-shore group all rushed to form new companies with the intention of either helping Plymouth Argyle Football Club progress or just wanting a piece of the cash action, especially as a bid to host games for the 2018 World Cup was submitted.

To put the scene at that time into context: in 2007 there were just three companies connected to Argyle, by 2011 there were 13.

But as we all know in 2011 PAFC fell into a cash black hole and administration quickly followed and the whole Argyle company empire came tumbling down, eventually James Brent took over and slowly steered the club to solid financial foundations.
So what happened to all those companies that were formed on the coat tails of a supposed Home Park financial windfall? Where are they now?

Plymouth Argyle Football Company Limited

This was the original Argyle company which was formed in 1910. The directors in 2011 were Keith Todd, Sir Roy Gardner (pictured above), Paul Stapleton, Tony Wrathall, Robert Dennerly, George Synan and Yasuaki Kagami.

Current status: It was a shame to lose a company with a lot of history but it was finally dissolved in October 2015.

Plymouth Argyle Football Company Holdings Limited

Formed in 2001 and included directors Todd, Wrathall, Dennerly, Synan and Kagami.

Current status: Dissolved following liquidation in July 2013.

Home Park Properties Limited

Formed in January 2010 by Todd and was set-up to separate and then purchase the Home Park stadium from the football club.
Stapleton and Wrathall were initially both named as directors before resigning.

Current status: Dissolved following liquidation in March 2013.

Home Park Venue Services Limited

HPVSL was created in August 2010 by Todd who was joined by Stapleton with the intention of being the operating company for the Home Park stadium, to oversee and organise various events other than football.

Current status: Dissolved following liquidation in March 2013.

Mastpoint Limited

Mastpoint was formed in March 2009 to provide the necessary funds from wealthy investors to purchase Home Park stadium through a mortgage.
This company belonged to Todd and Gardner with many shareholders including Japanese businessman Koichiro Abe, Singapore businessman Freddie Siy, American Joe Plumeri and several associates and family members of Gardner.

Current status: the company is dormant but still publishes accounts and annual returns, Todd and Gardner are named as current directors.

Mastpoint Finance Limited

A company formed in August 2009 to deal with and manage a new mortgage for Argyle with Gardner and Todd named as Trustees.

Current status: the company is dormant but still publishes accounts; Todd and Gardner are currently named as directors.

Plymouth World Cup Bid Limited

Formed in August 2009 to oversee Plymouth’s bid to become a host city for the 2018 World Cup.
Directors at the time were Stapleton and Douglas Fletcher.

Current status: Dissolved in August 2011.

K & K Consortium Limited

A Japanese-linked company formed in June 2009. Kagami and Synan terminated their directorship in July 2009 with Todd joining as a new director, Gardner signed-up as a director three months later
K&KCL was used by Todd and Gardner to buy 13% of shares in Argyle.

Current status: the company is dormant but still publishes accounts and annual returns.

Plymouth Sports Centre Limited

A local company formed in October 2003 by then-Argyle directors Stapleton, Dennerley and Phill Gill.
The company was not directly linked to PAFC but was used by three directors to purchase a parcel of land near the Home Park stadium; the land included a cricket club and football centre.

Current status: Active, Robert Dennerly sadly passed away, current directors are Stapleton and Cindy Dennerly.

PAFC 2011 Limited

A Kevin Heaney related- company which was started in March 2011 by Julia Sincock, the Russian girlfriend of Heaney, who at the time was the owner of Truro City.
Interestingly, soon after being formed the registered address of the company was changed from Truro to the accountancy practice of former Argyle director Paul Stapleton at North Road East in Plymouth.

Current status: Dissolved in March 2012.

Bishop International Limited

The mysterious company was formed in February 2011 and registered in Gibraltar as an off-shore vehicle used by the consortium/Preferred Bidder/Kevin Heaney to purchase Plymouth Argyle using nominee directors.
Bishop International also had nominee shareholders based in the West Indies.

Current status: Much like it was in 2011 it’s difficult to get any current news on this company, the best guess is that Bishop International was formed to hide the identities of the people who wanted to purchase Argyle and it has remained that way since. The last unanswered question.

Plymouth Argyle Football Club (125) Limited

This company was created with the sole intention of running the football side of the operation at Home Park once the proposed take-over by Bishop was completed.
The two directors were David Jones and Peter Ridsdale.

Current status: Dissolved in March 2013.

PAFC Stadium Limited

Another company started by Heaney in 2011 in preparation for his involvement at Home Park and use of associated land.

Current status: Dissolved in May 2012.