Date: 30th January 2016 at 6:18pm
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Argyle suffered a disappointing 1-0 defeat against a time-wasting and awful Wycombe team.

Against an Ainsworth team that uses that black arts you need a strong referee and today Phil Gibbs was poor and allowed a team that is a disgrace to the name of football get away with so much.

The sad thing, apart from being defeated, was that football suffered today. There was only one team attempting to play football, I couldn’t watch Wycombe play ‘football’ every week and I feel sorry for their fans but you can see why they are so successful in away games so perhaps the Wycombe fans put up with the style used by Ainsworth.

The whole gameplan from Ainsworth is to grab an early goal, waste time, hit the ball long and frustrate the opposition and it worked perfectly for them today. In that situation the home team, that’s us, needed a strong set of officials and despite the referee being experienced he was weak and poor and the linesman on the Lyndhurst side of the pitch was a coward who bottled all the major decisions.

It was embarrassing to see the Wycombe players fall to the ground as though apparently injured or kick the ball away at free kicks or knowingly take a free kick from the wrong position knowing the ref would stop him and take it from the correct position or slowly stroll up to take throw-in. All done to stop any momentum we might have had.
Awful football from an awful team and manager.

The game was delayed at the start, just as it was at Adams Park for the GPS fiasco, due to a sprinkler cover not fully flat on the pitch. A quick pile of mud sorted that problem out.
It was surprising to see the ref, McCormick and the Wycombe players all wearing similar coloured shirts.

Adams went for his usual 4-2-3-1 formation and against a team like Wycombe you need to start well and stop them from scoring early and using the black arts, the complete opposite happened.
A scuffed corner from Wycombe that should have cleared by Jervis resulted in a goal mouth scramble where it looked like McCormick was fouled and Ugwu forced the ball in. 1-0 and you just know what the rest of the game will be like.
Jervis was also at fault for the equaliser at Rovers last week.

Argyle tried to rally but the stop-start to the game made it difficult. Wycombe’s keeper went down injured and amazingly upon amazingly it was a real injury.
He was actually second choice after Wycombe’s number 1 was sold last week, he tried to carry on and his goal kick fell to Wylde, he crossed to Reid and with the keeper laying on the mud Reid shot well wide.

Wycombe’s third choice keeper, a 46-year old, replaced Lynch in goal.

From that moment it was the most frustrating game of ‘football’ I’ve seen for years with a set of officials too weak to control the antics of Wycombe.
Late in the first half Adams switched a 4-4-2 line-up with Jervis partnering Reid and Tanner going out to the flank but the result was the same – scrappy football.
Our downfall was trying to rush things when calm heads were needed.

Five minutes of injury time was signalled and after a chrous of boos was changed to nine minutes, unbelievable and incompetent from the ref.

Carey replaced the anonymous Jervis at half-time and Adams went back to 4-2-3-1 line-up.
We did finally have some pressure with Carey calming down the play and jinking some nice passes into Reid and Wylde on the left.
Wylde had the beating of the Wycombe right-back and we really should have got the ball out to him more.

Meanwhile the time wasting from Wycombe continued, it really was obvious, embarrassing and cheating.

We did have chances but players often chose to take an extra touch instead of just shooting, McHugh was guilty of this at least twice.
The sad thing is that we didn’t really put the third choice keeper under much pressure and despite the cheating from Wycombe they did defend very well.

Adams brought on Brunt and eventually Nardiello but the move backfired because the game became stretched and end to end. Just before the subs we looked to just about to break down the Wycombe defence.

McCormick made a late good save and we had at least two good shouts for a penalty but the coward with a flag bottled the decisions.
A couple of crosses from Wylde flashed across goal and that was about it, a frustrated and angry defeat.

We really need to get out of this league so that we don’t have to play Wycombe again.

McHugh was our best player, he battled, battled and battled in midfield with no protection from the ref.
Mellor made a number of timely interceptions and tackles, as he often does, but this gets overlooked when he makes a mistake.

Reid had a poor first half but was much better for the second half, Brunt made a difference when he came on, holding up the ball and battling the Wycombe defenders.

Wylde is on fire, we just need a striker with the same pace so that his crosses can be converted or Wylde just delays his cross for a split second.

Nelson is Mr Consistent and had another good game, we just expect it now.
Jervis is on a poor run of form and was rightly subbed.
It was good that Carey got some minutes under his belt and he must have the best left foot in League Two.
Nardiello wasn’t on the pitch long enough to judge him.

The pitch is still poor and you have to feel sorry for the players having to play on that.

We lost today, football lost today and the biggest crime is that Wycombe won by ‘playing’ like that. Just awful Ainsworth!

Man of the Match: McHugh.

McCormick 6, Mellor 7, Nelson 7, Hartley 6, Sawyer 6, McHugh 8, Threlkeld 6, Jervis 4, Wylde 7, Tanner 6, Reid 6, Brunt 7, Carey 7, Nardiello n/a.